A Club for YL Ham Radio Operators

Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

(but all YLs are always welcome*)

The YLRL Organization...
is made up of, run by and promotes WOMEN!



You can meet wonderful ladies who all have the same interest as you.
Amateur Radio. 500+ Young Ladies can't be wrong.

Organized in 1939, YLRL is a non‐profit organization of women amateur radio licensees. With an international membership of approximately one third of its members being DX YLs.

The YLRL (Young Ladies' Radio League) exists to encourage and assist YLs (Young Ladies) throughout the world to enter into the Amateur Radio Service. There are a variety of interests to offer licensed YLs: Traffic Handling, Public Service, Emergency Management, Contests, Awards, DX and more on AM, CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, AMTOR, Packet and Satellite. Of course, there are the infinite benefits derived from just plain gal‐to‐gal ragchewing and the resulting friendships. You are always welcome at any YLRL activity. Come on in; the YLs are anxious to meet you.

YLRL is an organization for women with amateur radio licenses, who like radio itself, and extends to women all over the world.

YL Nets

YL‐OP Net – Echolink ALARA Conference Node 286905 - Highly recommended.

Every Thursday evening at 20:00 (8pm) Eastern (0000 UTC Summer and 0100 UTC Winter). We invite all YLs from around the world to join in, so please tell your YL friends and club members to join us each and every Thursday!

We would like to thank the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) for the use of their Echolink Conference Node for the Echolink YL Nets. For more information on ALARA, please visit here.

For more information on how to use and download Echolink, please visit here or you may reach out to Catherine AC4YL at ac4yl@arrl.net or Melanie AG4YL at ag4yl@arrl.net who will be happy to assist you!

YL Clubs

ALARA  Australian Ladies' Amateur Radio Association

CLARA  Canadian Ladies' Amateur Radio
             Association Facebook page

SOAR  Sisterhood Of Amateur Radio - Las Vegas

YLRL  Young Ladies' Radio League

YL Nets

CLARA Nets has a great list of YL Nets

YLRL Nets has a great list of YL Nets

UTC Time

Callsign Lookup

Thursday YL Drop-in Net

Drop in any time between 6pm - 8pm PST

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday HF MinowNet

Friday 9:30am

Pacific Time

14.310 or 14.288 if 14.310 is busy

Web Mistress

CJ – info@minownet.org

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