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Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

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MinowNet Cookbook

The MinowNet YL Club

               Chocolate EClair Cake

OUR COOKBOOK — Over 80 fantastic recipes for only $5

The members of the MinowNet YL (women's) Radio Club are proud to offer you a collection of delicious recipes compiled from current MinowNet members, their friends, and family. It includes over 80 tried and true recipes.

This cookbook is for use on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop only. IT IS NOT A HARDCOPY.

The funds raised will help support our wonderful website, which you are free to peruse, here, at any time.


  1. Fill out the form below: Use an email address where you would like to receive the Cookbook.
  2. If you want to order any as gifts, enter the name of the recipient of your gift in the "Message" box below.You can order as many gift certificates as you choose for $5 each.
  3. Once we receive your order, PayPal will send you an invoice (you do NOT have to have a PayPal account).
  4. When we receive your payment, we will email you the Cookbook in the form of a .pdf file and any gift certificates in the form of a printable gift certificate that can be printed out to put in an envelope or used as a stocking stuffer..

This is a fundraiser so please do not share your Cookbook with others. - Thanks!

Order Information:
Please order from a desktop or laptop. Not tablets for now.

You can also use this form to ask any questions before ordering.

If you do not hear from us in 24 hours please send an email to info@minownet.org

UTC Time

Callsign Lookup

Thursday YL Drop-in Net

Drop in any time between 6pm - 8pm PST

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday HF MinowNet

Friday 9:30am

Pacific Time

14.310 or 14.288 if 14.310 is busy

Web Mistress

CJ – info@minownet.org

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