A Club for YL Ham Radio Operators

Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

(but all YLs are always welcome*)

What's Up?

The MinowNet website is here to enhance your HAM Radio experience. We've added some new pages, tutorials and articles and hope you enjoy them all. If you have any ideas please let us know and we'll see what we can do to include them in MINOWnet.org. Stay safe, stay happy and have fun!

New on our Website

Shop for Gear - added 8/2/21

WE HAVE GEAR!! MINOWnet has opened a store where you can buy MINOWnet gear and HAM Radio related products. There are things for you and things for your OM and gifts for other HAMs. Hopefully, this will help support our very informative website and our YL Group.

Shop Banner

Maps and Apps - new Map added - added 7/22/21

On the Apps & Maps page there is a new link to another website that will show you all the licensed HAMs in your neighborhood. Go to the Apps & Maps page and you will find it at the top of the MAPs column. While there, you will find some more maps that can be helpful when contesting, hunting or just looking for someone to talk to. The other side of that page has some very helpful apps and links. If you have a favorite map or app please let us know.

HAM Radio Things to Do (new menu item) - added 6/15/21

We all get bored with Radio every here and there so we've included some fun activities that you might like to try. With the Solar Cycle 25 here, we are already beginning to see a positive influence on long distance radio propagation. This is a great time to start something new like Contesting, Work all States, DXCCing and lots more. If you have something to add please let our webmistress@minownet.org know so we can add it to the list.

New at the MINOWnet YL Club

Theme, Logo, Name Badges, and more... - updated 6/10/21

After members voted for our new logo, we decided to get a total facelift. We've come up with a new color theme which we are incorporating into our website, brochure, name badges, newsletters and more. We now have a beautiful brochure and tent cards to hand out at conferences, club meetings and more.

Our Annual Membership Meeting is coming up in May where we will elect new officers and talk about moving forward on our journey as YL HAM operators. For all members don't forget that your annual dues are due unless you have already paid ahead of time.

New Tutorials - - added 5/2/21

Our tutorials are expanding and we've recently added how to use the VOACAP Coverage Area Map. At first glance, this tutorial looks very complicated but it's not. If you follow our tutorial, you should have no problem (but if you do, contact our webmistress@minownet.org and she can help you out. We think you'll see the benefits of using this map to find the best time and frequency to use to connect to a friend out of your area. We can thank our own Carol KP4MD for developing this tutorial for us.

Coming soon will be another VOACAP tutorial: Point to Point.

UTC Time

Callsign Lookup


Thursday 7:30pm

Pacific Time

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday 9:30am

Pacific Time

14.310 or 14.288 if 14.310 is busy

Web Mistress

CJ – webmistress@minownet.org

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